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Thursday, 2019-05-23, 6:29 PM

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The game is in a weird stage right now, but I wanted to get a video up showing that I have still been making progress.

Views: 881 | Added by: The_Developer | Date: 2013-11-01 | Comments (1)

I have redesigned how equipment is shown on a character. Instead of a single 3d model being added on the character, it will now actually change the body texture of your character when a chest item is equipped. This will give players a lot more options for customizing how their character looks in the game.

Views: 912 | Added by: The_Developer | Date: 2013-08-22 | Comments (1)

Mining has been added into the game, with Smelting and Crafting soon to follow,
One more step closer to a playable demo!

Views: 847 | Added by: The_Developer | Date: 2013-06-14 | Comments (3)

Watch my newest developer log!

Views: 571 | Added by: The_Developer | Date: 2013-02-17 | Comments (2)

Mythic Realms is now on IndieDB!

Mythic Realms
Views: 395 | Added by: The_Developer | Date: 2013-01-28 | Comments (0)

Here is another installment of my development videos, this one is shorter than the last one, but i hope to have one up with more content soon.

Views: 473 | Added by: The_Developer | Date: 2012-12-13 | Comments (0)

Here is the first development log that was posted October 30th on Youtube. I am hoping to get number two out soon.

Views: 621 | Added by: The_Developer | Date: 2012-11-19 | Comments (3)

Website has now been created, and I am hoping to get back in development pretty soon, in the meantime, you can look around the site and post in the new forum. Please check back for more updates
Views: 367 | Added by: The_Developer | Date: 2012-11-19 | Comments (0)


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