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Thursday, 2019-05-23, 6:29 PM

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Mythic Realms is an MMORPG, Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game, being developed by a single person. It is set in a fantasy world where players will be able to kill monsters, find treasure, make their own items, and most importantly, interact with each other. I have always had a great interest in video games and technology in general, and have always had the desire to create my own game. Now with the help of the Realm Crafter Engine, hard work and determination, this dream can now become a reality. I just hope I can be able to release the game in a playable state and have others be able to enjoy it.

Game Mechanics
Mythic Realms will be a classless MMORPG and players will be able to build and play the character they want to be. Every Character will have Attributes and Skills. Players will be able to make choices that will allow them to develop the skills and attributes they want allowing them to create a multitude of types of characters allowing them to be truly unique.

The six attributes every character has are:
Strength - Determines Attack Damage
Dexterity - Determines Dodging, Critical Hit Chance, and Attack Speed
Toughness - Determines Defense in Combat
Intelligence - Determines the strength of Spells
Constitution - Determines the amount of Health you have
Wisdom - Determines the amount of Mana you have.

Attributes are raised every time a player gains a level. Levels are gained by earning experience from killing monsters, crafting, and completing quests. When a player levels up they gain ten points, and they can use these points to raise their attributes in any way they wish

Every Character can also develop the following skills:
One Handed Weapons - Ability to use smaller weapons like Scimitars and Hatchets.
Two Handed Weapons - Ability to large weapons like Mauls and Great Swords.
Ranged Weapons - Ability to use Bows and Guns
Staves - Ability to use staves
Unarmed - Ability to fight with your fists
Light Armor - Ability to wear lighter armors made from leather, chain, etc.
Heavy Armor - Ability to wear heavier armors made from metal plates
Destruction Magic - Ability to cast combat Spells
Restoration Magic - Ability to cast support Spells
Summoning Magic - Ability to cast Spells that can create companions and items.

Players increase their skill levels by simply using them. if you want a higher bladed weapon skill, use a sword in combat, it is that simple. Players will also be able to pay trainers large sums of money to gain levels in certain skills, but only at a limited amount of times per level.

Players will also be able to craft their own items in the game ranging from potions to their own weapons and armor. Crafting will not be determined by skills, but instead the supply of materials. This will prevent players from having to grind levels by making countless of useless items and will allow players to focus more time doing more fun things during the game. Crafting will become especially important at higher levels because vendors will not sell higher level items, and it will be up to the players themselves to make their own high level items, or buy them from other players.

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